Employee Handbooks

Our nationally recognized employee handbook experts will custom design a handbook to meet your specific needs.

Our handbooks:

    •    Positively represents your organization;
    •    Reduce unnecessary legal, unemployment, benefit and turnover costs;
    •    Enhance your ability to effectively respond to the changes which occur in a dynamic business environment.

PGPi staff can also advise you on policy “best practices” and options to ensure that you are making optimal choices on benefit and personnel policies. Whether they are called personnel manuals, employee handbooks, employee guidebooks or employee manuals, most employee handbooks:

    •     Are poorly written - hard to understand, loose language, overly legalist, over- or underwritten, missing important policies;
    •     Unnecessarily tie the hands of management personnel - reduce flexibility needed to meet the ever changing needs in our fast-paced, global economy;
    •     Present a less than positive picture of an organization – first impressions count. You want your employee and any third parties reading this document           to clearly see that your organization is honest and employee friendly;
    •     Contain clearly illegal or less than appropriate policies – careful construction of this important document is mission critical. Handbooks are not a           good place to “learn as you go”.

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