HR Training

Failure to do good HR training programs will cost you money. Good corporate training programs keep you out of trouble and, more importantly, help you maintain a positive, healthy work environment.

PGPi can customize a CD or web-based presentation for your staff or deliver it on site. Rick Galbreath, PGPi’s Practice Leader for HR Training has 30 years of hands-on HR and training and development experience. Our HR programs are top notice. Our trainers are highly skilled and engaging.

A few examples of the programs we do (we have over 60 topics we do on a routine basis and happily develop customized programs on an ongoing basis):

Interviewing – Finding Stars and Avoiding Fires
Positive Employee Discipline
Coaching For Development
Performance Appraisals Worth Doing
HR Law for the Non-Lawyer
Dealing With Difficult People
The First Time Supervisor (Manager)
Employee Motivation
Employee Retention
Employee Orientations Worth Doing
Workplace Wellness
Terminating Without Fear
HR Boot Camp (a program to get new HR people productive more quickly)
Remaining Union Free

Customer Service Improvement Corporate Etiquette
Effective Time Management
Meetings Worth Having
Conflict Resolution
Process Mapping and Improvement
Speaking Up - Public Speaking and Presentations
Finance for the Non-Finance Professional
Lean Office
Managing Change
Creativity In Business
Small Picture Thinking
Strategic Planning (Facilitation)
Outplacement Training
Career Transition Training